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Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or eject from the pool premises, any person that fails to comply with any health and safety regulations.

We strive to provide everyone with a family friendly atmosphere. Please kindly keep this in mind when selecting swim attire.

  • Running or rough play is forbidden.

  • No excessive noise.

  • Food, beverages and/or use of tobacco products are not permitted in or near the pool.

  • No glass or other hazardous objects permitted on the premises.

  • No pushing

  • Parents are responsible for their children.

  • No child should be left unattended.

  • If your child can't swim or isn’t a strong swimmer,  they must use a life jacket, inflatable arm rings or other personal flotation device IF they will be in the big pool.

  • Bathing suits only in the swimming pool, no shorts, jeans or cut offs.

  • No metal pins or clips in the pool.

  • Floats of any kind MUST stay on the shallow side of the rope.  NO FLOATS OF ANY KIND IN THE DEEP END.

  • No oversized floats allowed.

  • Stacking floats and standing on them is forbidden.

  • No hanging on the rope.

  • No g-string type bathing suit bottoms


  • No diving in the shallow side of the pool.

  • One person on the diving board at a time.

  • No double bounce on the diving board.

  • No floats, water wings, life jackets or other floatation devices allowed when jumping off the diving board.

  • No sitting, handstands or other dangerous moves allowed.

  • No diving off the side of the board.

  • Be certain the pool is clear around the diving board before diving.

  • No swimming or loitering under the diving board.

  • Weight limit for diving board is 250 lbs.


  • If lightning or thunder occurs, the pool will be cleared for 30 minutes.  If it thunders again during the 30 minute time frame the 30 minutes begins again.  Once 30 minutes has passed without lightning or thunder members will be allowed back into the pool.

  • Sunset Swim Club will make every effort to stay open.  However, in the event of inclement weather Sunset Swim Club reserves the right to close for the remainder of the day for safety reasons.  We will post information on Facebook and email to keep members informed. Once we make the decision to close, we will remain closed for the remainder of the day even if the weather improves.


  • Sunset Swim Club will be closed on Mondays in order to perform maintenance and  a thorough cleaning of the pool.

  • Members are allowed to bring coolers, food and drinks.

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed but MUST be used responsibly.

  • Glass containers are not allowed.

  • Clean up your area when finished. Pick up food on tables or that falls on the ground to avoid attracting ants.

  • If you need assistance please kindly request it from our staff.

  • Smoking is allowed but courtesy and consideration of non-smokers is required.  Smokers may not smoke in or near the pool.

  • All membership sales are final. No refunds or transfers.

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